training that inner voice to work as a positive mind mentor

Using the latest Psychology & Neuroscience research to develop evidence-based programs that focus on individual performance to deliver individual, group and organisational outcomes.

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Gain the knowledge, advice and tools through neuroscience and psychology based programs




Our main research mission is to TRANSLATE evidence-based science.  Deciphering the academic language, based on your goals and mission, to help you implement proven evidence-based strategies into your life and organisational strategy.    


Working with HR and L&D executives, individual managers, leaders and employees to develop bespoke evidence-based scientific programs enhancing a mind mentor mentality.


 Apply and implement cognitive psychology tools and techniques, based on neuroscience and evidence-based research, to develop both an individual  positive inner mind mentor which is then applied for organisational outcomes.

“Physiology and psychology are not at all separate from each other. Rather they are deeply intertwined.”

 – Abhijit Nashkar, Neuroscientist & Author

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We design bespoke training programs utilsiing the latest psychological and neuroscience research to help people in your organisation build resilience.